HarborSym Suite Download Page

The latest HarborSym release ( dated October 2013) is designed to assist analysts in evaluating channel deepening projects in addition to widening projects in the original model design. HarborSym is a complex model requiring detailed user-provided data and assumptions as input. To faciltate the development of detailed and accurate model inputs, a number of supporting toolsets have been developed to support this task.

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Click to download HarborSym Click to  download A-DAPP Click to download W-DAPP Click to download Tide Tool A guide to the Use of Container Model Suite of Tools with Harborsym Deepening (pdf, 3.9MB) is available!



These supporting toolsets include:

  • AIS Data Anayzer PreProcessor (ADAPP)
  • The Automatic Identification System Data Analysis and Pre-Processor (A-DAPP) provides the capability to visualize, analyze, and synthesize historical Automatic Identification System (AIS) data for use in container port channel improvement studies and associated simulation modeling. The user is provided a graphical interface for selecting a port or ports for a specified timeframe for review and export. The A-DAPP was developed to aid Corps analysts in characterizing historical U.S. container port traffic when evaluating channel improvements and to assist in the data collection needed for the Institute for Water Resources' (IWR) HarborSym model.

  • Waterborne Data Analyzer PreProcessor (WDAPP)
  • The Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center Data Analysis and Pre-Processor (W-DAPP) is a general-use model that extracts data collected by the Corp's Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center (WCSC), processes that information, and exports it in the form of a port call list that can be used by HarborSym in deep draft navigation analyses. The ability for analysts to readily obtain these data reduces the time it takes to complete these project analyses and reduces the request the WCSC team receives to extract and compile the data for analysts.

  • Tide Tool
  • The IWR Tide Tool allows for the review of existing reference, secondary, and current stations as well as the creation of custom tide stations. The tool provides access to information on astronomical tides at tidal stations around the world. This tool allows for the creation of custom stations based on reference stations. In order to create these custom stations, the user will need to input some necessary parameters such as the reference station in which this stations will be based upon, latitude, longitude, name, and the minimum and maximum time add that should be used for this custom station. Once created, these custom tide stations can be made available in other tools such as HarborSym.