HarborSym Download Page


HarborSym version [2013-10-22] application is available for download here.

While every effort has been made to produce a tool free of defects, issues and bugs do arise and need to be resolved. If you experience a problem while running this model please let us know by submitting your issue through our support page.

Navigation planning problems are difficult and this tool does not hide those complexities nor ease the data requirements necessary to perform a sound analysis. The HarborSym team would be happy to assist you with any issues or questions you may have. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your particular planning needs.

User Documentation

Click the link to the left to download the HarborSym Userís Guide. This document is descriptive of version [2013-10-22] and includes details on the latest HarborSym functionality. Release notes for the previous November 2013 version are also available.



Animation Module

Click the link to the left to download the latest release of HSAM, the post processing animation. Click HERE (wmv, 39.9 MB) to download the online HSAM video for HarborSym.

Also available is documentation for the Animation Module Flight Controls!




Technical Documentation

In conjunction with the Navigation Economic Technologies (NETS) research program, the HarborSym Development Team has written several technical papers on different aspects of the program. Click the link to the left to view or download these papers.