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Regional Routing Model Peer Support Meeting


Dec 12, 2005
Agenda & Review Materials

Gross Objectives of RRM paper - Lambert
Discussion of the basic needs and outline for a working Regional Routing Model. The presentation includes some thoughts on the use of such a model and its ability to answer certain types of planning/policy questions.
NETS - Deep Sea Review Work (ppt , 1.48 MB)

TVA- Rate and Cost information - Dager
The presentation included a discussion on the data provided to the Regional Routing Model development and some discussions on data quality and checks. As the RRM is trying to use observed data where possible, the work with TVA is critical in using relevant information on rates and flows in the U.S.
NETS Review Regional (ppt, 201 KB)

USDA I/O Modeling Work - Canning
This presentation discussed the framework for integrating National accounts as a control total for developing estimates of traffic patterns.  By estimating the suppressed values in the Agricultural Census, localized production of agricultural products can be developed which can be linked to traffic flows.  The model may also be a way to examine components of transportation costs, such as fuel, in the national account framework.
Dec 12 Meeting (ppt, 415 KB)

Global Grain Model - Lambert
The Regional Routing Model is a component of a broader NETS effort, and will be integrated with other models. The RRM is striving to integrate its analysis with the GGM, so a presentation on the Global Grain Model was included in the discussion.
Longer-Term Forecasting (ppt, 1.04 MB)

GIS and Assignment Algorithms - Southworth
After having seen the initial goals and the data incorporated in the RRM, the afternoon examined what elements were in the Regional Routing Model.
A Multimodal Regional Routing & Mutli-Port Analysis Model (pdf, 1.35 MB)

RRMP0 (ppt, 1.10 MB) is the introduction slide presentation, examining how the various pieces of research are being incorporated into the RRM framework and how this effort fits into the larger NETS work effort.

RRM12P1 (ppt, 5.41MB) outlines the data development issues in creating a Regional Routing Model. With the stated goal of using observed transportation data where available, the RRM seeks to integrate many publicly available databases, including work from TVA and the USDA, to develop a routing model for five agricultural commodities: corn, soybeans, wheat, broilers and apples. The presentation includes some presentations on initial findings and methodology of assigning traffic to various networks.

RRM12P2 (ppt, 3.02 MB) continues the previous presentation, but focuses on the assignment methodology including presenting some equations.

RRMP3 (ppt, 1.24 MB) presents the first presentation of a model framework to assign traffic and make assumptions on traffic assignments and routes. The framework includes a few locks and ports, but also modal flows within a river corridor framework.

The afternoon ended with Small Group discussion of:

  • Next Steps
  • Relevant Research
  • Usefulness for planning, policy, research?
  • Gaps/Strengths weaknesses
  • Any missing reviewers or audiences?


Revised 21 Dec 2005

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